Tuesday, 27 January 2015

As many Pictures as I can give you from #SMAA

 Hi People! As promised, I bring you greetings and pictures from the Social Media Africa Awards. This is very far from exhaustive but tell you what, you can visit Twitter or Instagram and search for more pictures using #SMAA or #Sterling Bank after all we are celebrating Social Media so lets just patronize the platforms .
female compere MC comedian
Yeah I know, who grabs a screen  and doesn't bother to crop out the icons for battery life etc...ME!
Please continue to see more pictures

Analyzing Denrele Edun- My Experience!

So when I heard I would be compering #SMAA with Denrele, I tweeted my first thoughts and the first thing I noticed was he tweeted back at me. Not down on me or in a territorial 'ish' way, just "AT me". Trust me I know what I am saying and I have had some experiences.  Please continue to read more.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Social Media Awards Africa ...Here we come!

So I knew I was going to be 1 of 4 comperes this evening at the Social Media Awards Africa 
and I knew Denrele was on the compere list.
 Howeverrrr...Just saw the show flow this morning and what do you know... I get to compere with 
the baddest...make we shake our assets *Davido Music playing* 
Ok!!! off to try to attempt to look worthy of Social Media Royalty this evening.
 Pray for me guys...I shall bring you pictures.. You know I have repented.
That's if you are not there cos indeed you guys are all part of social media royalty..

Friday, 23 January 2015

Your girl is on radio again oh!

Please listen to the show 
and call 0700METROFM to
 join the conversation.
Advertisers and sponsors are welcome
please call 0902 2228091
for more details

Pictures from Compering Official opening of Eko Hotel Spa and Salon

                 So incase you have not seen it on FB, Instagram, twitter etc ...
Pheww!!...so many platforms to put all this stuff up on...God help me ...Lol
I compered the official opening of Eko Hotel Salon and SPA,
it was an intimate, outdoor event very classy crowd, mixed nationals...
we laughed, danced, ate,
 they drannnnnkkkkk and generally had fun.
You can continue to see loads of pictures.

Getting Prepped to compere the official opening of EKO HOTEL SPA and SALON

Female funny compere
His name is Ilyad, you can find him at the Eko Hotel Salon.
Very gentle, polite, careful, speaks no English
but the important thing
is he understands the language of beauty right??? LOL

Chigo female funny compere
The finished work...100% Aunty Chigo HAIR.
No extensions whatsoever.
TOOLZ gats her hips, I gats my HAIR!...LOL

No words....

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while.
 And I once absconded then said I was back for good,
 then now am I attempting to imply that I am back to stay again????...
All I can say is first of all..... Happy New Year!
May this 2015 bring us all joy and peace...
lots of PEACE!!!
 especially with all the issues in the world starting with elections and Boko Haram.
 I will not make any promises,
actions speak louder than words
 I am willing to try to be back for good:)
Thanks for all the support and encouragement people.
One Love
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